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Some Of our Favorite Links

A site full of how-to's on using fiberglass hulls to build working ship models.  Well worth a visit!

A great source of detail photographs to help you build your model.


SeaPhoto Bookstore - A good place to get discounted reference books on model boat building and naval history

Greg Sharpe draws the finest submarine plans; please email him for more details!

Offers fine canvas photo prints of many warships - perfect for workshop or den

The Ship Model Mailing List - get a free daily email about model ship building - a great way to begin the day!

Warship - a nice site the caters to smaller resin and plastic models

Small World Models  Dave Manley makes some really fine submarine kits for the novice submariner.  His kits are very complete.  Also a source for Water Tight Cylinders for our submarine models.

Dave Merriman's  D &E Miniatures  - maker of WTC (Water Tight Cylinders) for model submarines, and highly engineered submarine kits.  Has a nice video tape introduction to R/C submarining

The US Navy Online - Official Website of the US Navy

Model Control Devices - makes speed controls, channel expanders for radio control

PSS Ships Paul Simpson is a prolific modeler who can build you an excellent representation of a warship, radio controlled if desired.  Be sure to check out his site!

The Floating Drydock - a great place for plans, photos of World War II ships, and other US Navy resources

Task Force 100- a well organized model club devoted to the scale operation of 1/96 and 1/100 scale warships.  Be sure to check out the photo gallery!

Ships and Things - a hobby store that specializes in radio control boats - a growing online presence

The Subcommittee - a group of submarine enthusiasts.  Perhaps the best club newsletter ever produced, coupled with a very knowledgeable group.  An invaluable resource if you would like to build an operating submarine model.

Sub Accessories - Chris Proctor makes a number of  detail parts for submarines, including some of my hulls.

Haze Grey and Underway- much more than just a museum ship website, this is a fantastic gateway into warship history, with rare photographs covering all navies.  A huge site.

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