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The Scale Shipyard Fiberglass Hulls

Scale Shipyard Fiberglass Hulls

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Our line of fiberglass hulls may be the world's most comprehensive.  We offer a variety of subjects in many different scales. Our line of 1/96 scale warship hulls may be where we built our reputation, but we have many, many more choices. Some examples are:

1/48 scale Moran Towing Tugs from the World War II period
1/48 scale US Destroyers from the World War II and earlier period
A variety of US Coast Guard Subjects
Submarines in a variety of scales and periods
Merchant Ships
1/100 scale Kriegsmarine subjects, including Bismarck, Graf Spee, and a magnificent Scharnhorst hull
1/100 scale IJN subjects - Yamato and Akizuki
1/192 scale subjects - including an accurate replacement for the venerable Sterling Missouri Kit (along with upgraded fittings) and destroyer hulls, with more coming.

Even when you find other companies producing similar products, give ours consideration.  Not only do you get our world class quality, but we are often much more reasonably priced.

For a complete list of our products, consult our catalog.

 If you have questions, please email us.

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