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The Scale Shipyard Kits from the Scale Shipyard

Ship kits from the Scale Shipyard

Note - we are temporarily suspending the sale of these kits until some issues with the supplier are resolved - please check back in mid 2011 if you are interested in buying any of these.

 Please E-mail us for pricing information and availability on these kits.

S-100 Class in 1/36 scale

This kit is in 1:36 scale and is 38" long, and is R/C capable. The hull and deck are Epoxy fiberglass, the deck is pre=bonded to the hull, the shaft struts, stern tubes and rudder tubes are pre installed. The kit comes with cast resin fittings and weapons, CNC milled ABS parts and several sheets of photo etched brass fittings as well.

The kit cost is  not available

USS Vincennes CG-49 in  1/144 Scale

The kit cost is  Not available

Other Kits Available:

61/200 USS Iowa BB-61 1:200 Email
62/200 USS New Jersey BB-62 1:200 Email
63/200 USS Missouri BB-63 1:200 Email
64/200 USS Wisconsin BB-64 1:200 Email
963/144 USS Spruance DD-963 1:144 Email
51/144 USS Arleigh Burke DDG-51 1:144 Email
47/144 USS Ticonderoga CG-47 1:144 Email
38/144 USS Arkansas CGN-41 1:144
SOV/144 CIS Sovremennyi Russian DDG 1:144 Email
SOV-100 CIS Sovremennyi Russian DDG 1:100 Email
TAK/128 IJN Takao 1/128 Email
TAK/200 IJN Takao 1:200 Email
S-100 /36 Schnellboat S-100 type 1:36 Email

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The Scale Shipyard Kits from the Scale Shipyard

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